This website is dedicated to the memory of the million and a half children who had no chance to make their dreams come true.

Ms. Sue Klau of Puerto Rico, a leading activist in the local Jewish community, initiated a project to commemorate these children. Inspired by the poem
"The Butterfly", written by Pavel Friedmann while he was incarcerated in Terezin Ghetto, Ms. Klau decided to adopt the butterfly as a symbol of the children murdered in the Holocaust.

The goal of the project is to encourage children around the world to send one and a half million colored butterflies so that every Jewish child murdered in the Holocaust will be remembered as a human being who had hopes and dreams of freedom.

About the Program

More than anything else, Rosh Chodesh Nissan (the beginning of the month of Nissan) symbolizes spring, freedom and renewal. It also holds within it our responsibility and commitment to tell the story of the Jewish people, to shape our memories and to secure their existence from generation to generation. In Nissan we tell the story of our exodus from Egypt, the important memory of the transition from slavery to freedom. A week after Passover, we observe Holocaust Memorial Day, when we teach the dangers of denying others their physical and spiritual freedom.

בואו לצייר ולזכור

Inspired by Ms. Klau's vision, our website suggests creating butterflies and additional family activities that promote humanistic values and love of humankind based on the recognition that all people were created in God’s image.

Video About the Project

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