Here is a link to educational activity kits that were inspired by the "Butterflies: Coloring the Memories" project. The kits reflect the belief that the memory of the Holocaust imposes upon us an educational and moral responsibility to preserve a humane society that cherishes the rights of minorities and educates towards a democratic society that respects the rights of all people, regardless of gender, religion, or nationality.

We plan to distribute these activity kits to our twin communities in the Diaspora in order to promote this humanistic message, strengthen the affinity and mutual responsibility between Israeli children and children in the Diaspora, and together, treasure the memory of the children annihilated through no fault of their own.

Each activity kit concludes by preparing different kinds of butterflies. We invite you to document the butterflies so that we can all enjoy the rich and colorful diversity that will transform the most bitter and complex memories of the Jewish world into a pluralistic message that educates towards love of humankind.

The educational kits have been designed for children of various ages: